Red Velvet Wrestle For Control Of Their Company In SM Entertainment Quiz

Which member would make the best company director?

Red Velvet were the guest stars on the June 25th episode of Idol Room.

After hearing that it is Seulgi’s dream to eventually be the director of SM Entertainment, the hosts asked what she loved so much about the company.

There a lot of training systems. We can learn a lot about things like languages, singing and dancing. There are so many great senior artists. Also, there are many great teachers.

– Seulgi

The hosts then decided to quiz Seulgi on her agency and allowed the other members to compete as well. The first question was “What was the founding date of SM Entertainment?”. It was Yeri who managed to get the answer correct.

February 14th 1995, I’m the director now!

– Yeri

The next question was “What is SM Entertainment’s management philosophy?”, Seulgi correctly guessed that it included the word technology and after it was hinted that it had something to do with labelmates NCT Joy correctly guessed the answer.

Culture technology!

– Joy

The final question for all the marbles was “What is the current stock price of SM Entertainment?”. Everyone hazarded a guess but it was Wendy who was eventually correct.

47,050 Won ($41)

– Wendy

Wendy claimed the title of SM director when all was said and done.

Red Velvet