Red Velvet’s Yeri Cheers On NCT Dream’s Jeno In The Cutest Way Ever

Yeri is the cutest friend!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is the cutest sunbae!

On January 25, the results for Day 2 of the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC)- New Year Special were announced. In the Archery category for boys, NCT Dream and Stray Kids were going head to head in the semifinals. Ultimately, NCT Dream scored the most points and advanced to the finals!


Day 3 was broadcast on January 27, and after a close match, NCT Dream emerged the overall winners of the archery competition because Jeno had managed to score 9-10-9-10 points, securing the highest score!


Yeri, who was watching the broadcast, uploaded a picture of Jeno drawing his bow, and congratulated her hoobae on his 10 point win!

Jeno 10 points!!! Aigoo cute




Fans are melting over this cute interaction between the two!


Yeri and Jeno were both part of the SM Entertainment pre-debut team SM Rookies, and later became closer friends after taking part in the SM Station song “Hair In The Air” alongside Jeno’s fellow NCT Dream members Jaemin and Renjun.

Watch the MV here!