Red Velvet’s Yeri Shares How Her Childhood Friend Fought A Hater For Her When She Just Debuted

Yeri has such a great friend!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri shared a heartwarming story of how her childhood friend defended her against haters during her early debut days!

For her birthday on March 5, Yeri dropped a birthday vlog, taking fans with her as she shot a pictorial and took birthday pictures with a cake!

She ended her day by sharing a beer with a close friend, and they reminisced about their middle school days together!

As they talked, Yeri opened up about her feelings about her life right now

I think I like myself right now. Satisfaction-wise, I go back and forth. I’ll go back and forth again. But these days I’ve been pretty fine.


Yeri then brought up her debut days, and talked about how her friend defended her online!

Do you remember what happened at first? After I just debuted, you had a fight online with someone who made mean comments about me, right?


Her friend revealed how she just couldn’t stand the hate against Yeri!

I could tolerate all the other comments… But at that moment, I couldn’t resist. I replied that it was a wrong thing to say. I told them it’s not right. Seriously.

I wonder how that person is doing. What if he still thinks the same? I hope that person regrets it.

—Yeri’s Friend

It’s great that Yeri has so many good friends who care about her!

Watch her talk about it here!

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