Red Velvet’s Yeri Disappointed With SM Entertainment — Has To Post “Chill Kill” Teasers Herself On Bubble

The Red Velvet star took matters in her own hands.

In a recent candid exchange on the fan communication app Bubble, Red Velvet‘s Yeri expressed her dissatisfaction with SM Entertainment, the group’s managing company, over the quality of the Chill Kill comeback teasers. The conversation occurred when Yeri inquired about the fans’ opinions on the teasers released the previous day.

HQ version of Yeri’s teaser for “Chill Kill,” unlike those provided by SM Entertainment. | Dear U. Bubble

While fans were excited, they had one common complaint — the image quality was notably low.

Addressing this issue, Yeri shared her own disappointment about the low-resolution uploads. Evidently proactive, she had requested higher resolution images and went ahead to share them on her Instagram, making it the only platform with high-definition teasers.  Her bemusement was clear as she discussed the irony of the situation with fans on Bubble.

The quality….^.^…. I’m also wondering why all of them went up in low resolution….. I asked for it in high-quality, and I uploaded it a day later. So now it’s an ironic situation where only my Instagram has the high-quality [teasers].

— Yeri on Bubble

| @seurrene_/Twitter

Despite the hassle and her evident annoyance with the oversight from SM Entertainment’s social media team, Yeri went the extra mile to send all 20 teaser images to fans through Bubble.

Geez… Lol. I’m getting angry… I’m sorry, ReVeluv.

— Yeri on Bubble

| @seurrene_/Twitter

The platform’s intricate process requires her to confirm three times for each photo sent, meaning she had to confirm 60 times to share all the teaser images. This gesture, though time-consuming, underscores her unwavering commitment to Reveluvs (Red Velvet’s fans).

Yeri ended her conversation on a warm note, wishing fans a splendid day and expressing eagerness for the days ahead in November. Her actions painted a clear picture of a devoted artist going above and beyond for her fans, despite hurdles posed by her own managing company.

The incident has spurred a wave of support for Yeri across social media platforms, with fans praising her thoughtful nature. Conversely, SM Entertainment has faced criticism for the perceived negligence in ensuring the teasers reflected the high-quality imagery deserved. Reveluvs are now more than ever vocal about their appreciation for Yeri’s efforts, shedding light on the often-overlooked intricacies and personal touches artists bring to fan interactions.

In today’s digital age, it’s not uncommon for image quality to impact the initial reception and buzz surrounding a comeback. Thus, fans are right to appreciate Yeri’s efforts to deliver the very best for her fans.  The Red Velvet star’s actions have fostered a deeper connection with fans, further solidifying the bond between Red Velvet and Reveluvs.

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