Red Velvet’s Yeri Spotted At Everland Looking Absolutely Stunning With Her New Blonde Hair

Her visuals have struck again but this time at Everland!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri had recently been titled the “Disney Princess” after she changed her hair to blonde for their upcoming comeback with an album titled “The ReVe Festival Day 2”!

Her visuals have struck again but this time at Everland!

yeri everland 2019 2


Yeri was spotted visiting Everland theme park with the rest of her members, and she sported the cutest shark headband!

yeri everland 2019 1

She had uploaded a photo of herself dressed in a white top and baggy jeans, and fans discovered that it was taken at Everland!

yeri everland 2019 3


Although Yeri has always been famous for her visuals, fans are completely in love with her blonde comeback!

yeri everland 2019 7

Fans and netizens complimented her new comeback look and claimed she looked best in blonde hair!

yeri blonde everland 2019

Although it’s uncertain why Red Velvet was visiting the theme park, the girls seemed to have a great time together grabbing delicious snacks…

yeri everland 2019 8


… being super cute on the carousel…

yeri everland 2019 6

… and bumping into each other at the bumper car!

yeri everland 2019 9


Here’s to more of Blonde Yeri to come with the group’s upcoming album on August 20!

yeri everland 2019 10

Source: Nate Pann and @adorablecandy
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