Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals How She Actually Felt About Her Iconic Pigtails During Their “Ice Cream Cake” Era

Even though her pigtails were cute, Yeri reveals that’s not all she thought of them back then!

When Red Velvet‘s Yeri made her debut with the group in 2015, joining the already debuted quartet for their comeback with “Ice Cream Cake”, she was absolutely adorable, and one of her biggest charm points was her cute high pigtails!

Even though they were totally iconic, Yeri recently revealed on JaeJae‘s MMTG that she actually didn’t like them, and shared why! JaeJae first brought them up by showing the group a picture of Yeri in pigtails, and talked about how cute she was in them!

Yeri, during the “Ice Cream Cake” era, you had pigtails. I couldn’t forget it!


While Yeri also thought she looked totally adorable in them, she revealed that they were actually really painful, because her was pulled up and tied tightly on her head.

To talk about the pigtails now, it really hurt, because it’s my real hair. It was lifted high up with a lot of force, so it really hurt really bad. But thinking about it now, I think it was great!


A few years later, Yeri grew up into a mature beauty, and showed off her grown-up visuals in her iconic pigtails and served completely different vibes!

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Red Velvet is making their comeback with Queendom on August 16.

Watch the teaser for it here!

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