Red Velvet’s Yeri Fondly Details How Irene Would Look After Her When She Was Younger

Their friendship is adorable!

Red Velvet‘s Irene and Yeri have been close since their trainee days, and recently, they talked more about how Irene would look after he when she was younger!

Yeri and Irene

Red Velvet is gearing up for their first comeback in almost 2 years, and as part of their promotions, they appeared on JaeJae‘s MMTG, where it was an episode filled with fun and chaos!

As they talked about their early debut days, Yeri revealed how she joined SM Entertainment as a trainee at a very young age, and so, was often taken care of by the older members!

I joined the company at such a young age. I was a fifth-grader in elementary school. We lived in a dorm, and the older members took really good care of me.


JaeJae then brought up past information about how Irene would often take care of Yeri by making her snacks, and Irene revealed how she took extra special care to make sure Yeri enjoyed her mealtime!

That’s when Yeri was an elementary student. I think I split the kimchi fried rice and hid the fried egg. Just to make eating a meal more fun?


Irene and Yeri have been super close for years, and their friendship is adorable!

Red Velvet is preparing for their comeback with the album Queendom, which will be released on August 16.

Watch the teaser for it here!

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Red Velvet

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