Red Velvet’s Yeri Revealed To Require IV Drips During Every Promotion, Fans Deeply Concerned

Red Velvet’s Yeri revealed that she’s concerned about her health as she requires a visit to the hospital for every promotion cycle.

Red Velvet members discussed what they’re most concerned about these days, when Yeri revealed that she wants to get healthier.

“I want to get healthier. I’m pretty weak.”

— Yeri


To the shock of many of her fans, she explained that she has to get IV drips for every promotional cycle because her health can’t keep up with the busy idol life.

“During the first week of every new promotion cycle, I get an IV drip.”

— Yeri


Her greatest hope for the latest “Power Up” promotion is that she completes it healthy and well.

“I hope I don’t get sick during this promotion.”

— Yeri


Fans began expressing their deep concerns for Yeri’s health.


Here’s to hoping Yeri remains happy and healthy throughout Red Velvet’s “Power Up” promotions!

Source: Herald Pop

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