Red Velvet & TWICE’s Nayeon Shower Yeri With Love & Support Trucks For Her Upcoming K-Drama Acting Debut

She’s so loved!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is just weeks away from making her drama acting debut, and all her closest friends are showering her with support. Both her fellow Red Velvet members and TWICE‘s Nayeon sent her sweet food trucks with touching messages.

Earlier this month, it was announced that maknae Yeri would be making her debut as an actress in Mint Condition, a one-episode drama about a middle-aged man who becomes 20 years old again after an MRI error. The show is part of Drama Stage, tvN‘s yearly series of single-act K-Dramas.

| tvN

Playing the role of Nurse Cherry, the 21-year-old singer will be starring alongside established actors like Im Chae Moo (Gangnam Scandal), Ahn Woo Yeon (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), and Ji Min Hyuk (who appeared in Tempted alongside Red Velvet’s Joy).

Ji Min Hyuk | @l_jmh_l/Instagram

Up until now, Yeri’s only acting credits were a cameo role as herself in KBS2‘s Descendants of the Sun and a voice-over role as Kim-Petit in Trolls World Tour.

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So, since this will be her first notable job as an actress, all her closest idol friends have been showering her with support in the form of food trucks.

The first food truck came from her fellow Red Velvet members—Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy. Adding a sweet picture of the foursome, the members wished both Yeri and the staff well, signing the truck, “From Yeri’s unnies.”

| @yanghyukjoon/Instagram

Staff members, thank you for your hard work on such a cold day! You worked hard, too, Kim Yerim 💗💗💗

— Red Velvet’s food truck sign

Of course, as one of K-Pop’s resident social butterflies, Yeri received support from more than just her members. One of her closest friends, TWICE’s Nayeon, also sent her a food truck.

| @yanghyukjoon/Instagram

Please take good care of ‘Cherry’ until the very end,” she wrote on the sign, adding a photo of herself and Yeri dining out.

| @yanghyukjoon/Instagram

Thank you for participating in Yeri’s first project, Mint Condition! It’s cold out, so please hang in there! You can do it.

— Nayeon’s food truck sign

Nayeon even added adorable stickers with Yeri’s selfies on them and a message that read, “Actress Kim, congratulations on your first project.

| @yanghyukjoon/Instagram

Posted by a staff member working on the production, the photos came just days after Yeri updated her Instagram story with photos of herself and Nayeon on a café date. The pair have been besties for years now and even once bought matching couple rings.

| @yerimiese/Instagram

Both Red Velvet and Nayeon opted to send Yeri support from Ghrelin Food & Coffee, one of the most popular food truck providers for idols and actresses. There’s no doubt Yeri is truly loved by those around her.

In a recent interview with Arena Korea, Yeri shared that she enjoyed filming Mint Condition and would like to act again in the future. Next time, she wants to tackle a role in a fantasy drama.


Mint Condition will air on March 3 at 12:10 a.m. Korean standard time.