Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals That PENTAGON’s Hongseok Is So Knowledgeable That He Was Given A Special Job On Set

It’s a job that only Hongseok could be trusted with!

PENTAGON‘s Hongseok is a great singer, dancer, and actor, and to add to his list of skills is his ability to recommend restaurants for anything, anywhere!


Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Hongseok are starring in the webseries Blue Birthday together, and to promote it, they appeared on Wendy‘s radio show, Youngstreet, where they talked about tons of things!

As they talked about their drama and the mood on set, Yeri hilariously revealed how Hongseok is in charge of dinnertime for everyone! Yeri first shared how Hongseok helps keep the mood up by recommending different restaurants to eat at everytime!

Hongseok knows a lot of good restaurants. We’d have fun, using him as a guide and eating lots of good food.


Hongseok then revealed how he would always begin his last scene for the day with thoughts of where they would all eat dinner for the day!

I’d always have the last scene…so the scene before dinner. I have to think about what we’re eating!


And Yeri added to it, commenting how it got to the point that even the staff would ask him about the day’s meal plan!

Yeri and Hongseok are currently starring in the drama Blue Birthday.

Watch them talk about it here!