Red Velvet’s Yeri And PENTAGON’s Hongseok Were Asked About Uniforms, And There Answers Are Completely Different

They both had completely different views about it!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri and PENTAGON‘s Hongseok were asked about their thoughts on high school uniforms, and their answers couldn’t be more different!

Yeri and Hongseok

Yeri and Hongseok are the leads of the new webseries Blue Birthday, and as part of their promotions, guested on Wendy‘s SBS Power FM radio show, Youngstreet!

In the show, the two actors play high school students and also their future selves 10 years later, and so, Wendy asked them about the feeling of being back in school uniforms all these years later!

Both of you wear uniforms in the drama. It must’ve been a while since you’ve worn uniforms. How did it feel wearing them?


Hongseok, who spent a lot of his childhood abroad, revealed that since he actually never wore a uniform during his school days, he really liked being able to wear them for the drama filming this time!

I was overseas for a long time, so I didn’t get to wear uniforms. So I had a bit of a fantasy regarding uniforms. I got to wear uniforms after a while, so I enjoyed it. And it was my first time filming inside a school.


While Hongseok enjoyed wearing uniforms, Yeri had a completely different reaction to it! She revealed that since she wore them so much, she’d rather not have to wear it again, and be done with them!

It was a while since I’d worn a uniform as well. I think I’m done wearing them now. I’ve worn it so much, I’m sick of them now.


Even though they both had different attitudes about uniforms, they both look amazing in them!

Watch them talk about it here!