Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals Why She’s Been Working Hard At Dieting Healthily Recently

Did she say something about a comeback…?

Red Velvet‘s Yeri has revealed the goals she wants to achieve while dieting, and also reveals how to diet the right way!

On the latest episode of her show titled Yeri’s Room, Yeri invited actress Lee Yeol Eum to guest star, and the two enjoyed an amazing meal of healthy, yet delicious foods!

The two ate foods such as spinach bread:

Avocado sushi:

And even a “skin protein bowl” with salmon!

While the two were eating, Yeri revealed she was glad to have found the restaurant, because even though she’s on a diet, she didn’t want to compromise on food! So this restaurant was a happy solution for her.

This place is for when you wanna have healthy and delicious food.

When you’re trying to lose weight, we used to starve and such to lose weight, but now~



Yeol Eum then asks her why she suddenly announced that she’s trying to lose weight.

Yeri reveals that her motivations to diet arose when she heard of how you can lose weight while eating delicious and healthy meals, and wanted to try it out for herself!

The producers of Yeri’s Room then asked her if she had any goals for her diet, and Yeri revealed that when Red Velvet makes a comeback, she wants to be more beautiful than ever!

Yeri also gleefully said that she’s also happy to lose weight while eating being able to eat food that is extremely delicious!


Fans believe that she’s sort of hinting at a comeback that may be coming soon!

Red Velvet’s last full group comeback was in December 2019, with the album The ReVe Festival: Finale and title track “Psycho”.

Watch the whole episode here!

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