(★TRENDING) Red Velvet Yeri Talks About Her Feelings, Says She Can’t Really Smile Yet

Red Velvet‘s Yeri took to Instagram and left a lengthy message for her fans talking about through the official Red Velvet account.

“Your throats hurt a lot, right? Our Revelevuvuv, I know that you guys are worrying and I see those warm gazes from you guys. I saw you guys cheer like that just to see me smile. Honestly though, even if I’m smiling, I’m still not smiling. The truth is, I can’t really smile yet. I missed you guys so much so I tried to remember and record everything about today… There have been so many events that have transpired since… Regardless of the many choices, the best thing is seeing you guys for sure. It’s comforting. I smiled today and that was the first time in a while. Seeing you guys wave your arms to cheer me up, shouting with those loud voices, I am so thankful. That is exactly the reason I can smile. We really are good friends.”

— Red Velvet Yeri 

Along with the message, she shared a photo of herself at the 2018 Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC).