Red Velvet’s Yeri Is A Total Boss Woman As She Shows Off Her New Line Of Lipsticks

Her new line of lipsticks has been launched!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri has a long list of talents— she’s a singer, dancer, rapper, composer and now also a businesswoman!

On January 4, Yeri posted a video on her instagram that alerted the world to her new business venture—her very own line of lipsticks! It was announced that she would be collaborating with a new brand called Colette, where she designed two lipstick shades; a brown one named “Chocolat et vin”, and a red one, named “Yodlé Yeri Rouge”.



Yeri uploaded 3 new videos to her Instagram, showing off the rich, smooth colors as their creator and model!

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Colette revealed that Yeri is their first muse ever! They found Yeri through Instagram, and immediately wanted to collaborate with her for their brand launch, and incorporated her charm into their products!


Colette’s first muse is Yeri, who we met through Instagram.

We were looking for a muse for the launch of our brand, when we saw Yeri’s personal Instagram account.

Yeri has a bright and cheerful personality, and enjoys time alone, reading and composing.

We incorporated her charm into our products, and Yeri chose the colors and named them herself.




The brand also released official pictures of Yeri’s collaboration with the brand.

1. Chocolat et vin

For this shade, Colette describes the lipstick as an unlikely combination of chocolate and wine which carries a sweet and sour taste. It is meant to metaphorically portray Yeri’s image.



2. Yodlé Yeri Rouge

This shade was named to be reminiscent of a pun, consisting of a combination of words with a sense of chanson (a French, lyric-driven song).




Red Velvet recently released their repackaged album The ReVe Festival: Finale and title track “Psycho”.

Watch the MV here!

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