Red Velvet’s Yeri Finally Learns Her Undertone From Her Makeup Artist—Here’s What She Advised

It’s helpful advice for those with the same skin tone!

After many years in the K-Pop industry, Red Velvet’s Yeri has finally learned what her undertone is, and it’s all thanks to her makeup artist!

Red Velvet’s Yeri | @yerimiese/Instagram

Yeri introduced her makeup artist in a recent behind the scenes video for her Burberry photoshoot. She asked what the focal point of her makeup that day was.

She’s my makeup artist. What is the highlight of Yeri’s makeup?

— Yeri

Her makeup artist started off by talking about Yeri’s undertone. She confidently revealed that Yeri is none other than cool toned.

According to the makeup artist, you are cool toned if you have pinkish skin and warm toned if you have yellowish skin.

Yeri’s face has a cool skin tone. Cool tone is if your skin is pinkish. If you look good with cold tones, you have a cool skin tone. Skin with more orange or yellow shades are warm toned.

— Makeup artist

To complement Yeri’s skin tone, she chose a burgundy lipstick shade and pink blush. The combination was reminiscent of a vampirical style, which she advised looks great on people who are cool toned.

Anyway, Yeri is cool toned, so for today’s makeup, she’s wearing a burgundy lip color that’s a bit like red bean porridge. For the highlight, I added pink blush on the cheeks. It’s like a vampire style.

— Makeup artist

Grinning, Yeri admitted that many people have asked her what her skin tone is. Now that she knows the answer, she finally has an idea of what to reply the next time the question is raised!

Many people were curious about it, but since I didn’t know, I couldn’t tell them.

— Yeri

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