A Dance Move In Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” Was Added At The Last Minute, But It’s Impossible To Tell

It was the perfect addition!

SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet has finally made their long-awaited comeback with the title track “Feel My Rhythm.”

Red Velvet | SM Entertainment

The members wasted no time in promoting the song, recently reacting to their beautiful music video. According to the girls, it was the first time in their careers that they watched and reacted to one of their MVs as a complete group.

We’ve done it on a music show, but we’ve never done it on our own. It’s our first time doing it as a group.

— Red Velvet

Once it started playing, they noticed a specific dance move—the butterfly choreography—and shared the story behind it.

According to Joy, the move was originally not included. It was only added during the shoot itself.

This butterfly hand motion was added in the MV at the last minute. The butterfly hand shape.

— Joy

Seulgi agreed and shared that she “was told” to do it by the staff present.

I was told to do it—the butterfly hand shape.

— Seulgi

Considering how every detail in a comeback is meticulously planned, this must have come as a surprise to the members. They pulled it off so well, however, that it’s as if they had practiced it for days! It’s almost impossible to tell that it was a last-minute decision.

| @Red Velvet/YouTube

Even if it wasn’t originally part of the music video, it definitely added to the beauty of the performance. It matched well with the artistic and whimsical vibe of the entire comeback.

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Source: YouTube

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