Red Velvet’s Yeri Gained Weight While Filming “Blue Birthday”, And It Was All Because Of PENTAGON’s Hongseok

Yeri revealed that she ended up gaining weight all because of her friend, Hongseok!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri has never looked better, but she revealed that in the midst of drama filming, she ended up gaining weight even while trying to watch what she ate, all because of PENTAGON‘s Hongseok!

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Yeri and Hongseok recently appeared on Seulgi‘s new live talk show, where they promoted their new webdrama titled Blue Birthday!

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During one of the show’s segments, Seulgi complimented Yeri’s many stunning photoshoots, and who wouldn’t?! Yeri ATE them all!

Yeri then talked about how much she enjoys photoshoots, and even gave a tip to viewers on how to create such stellar photos—just enjoy the mood and pose accordingly!

I end up getting many A-cuts when I try to go with the surrounding atmosphere!


Hongseok also talked about her dedication to her photoshoots, and how she would watch what she ate the day before a photoshoot, even while filming for her drama!

From what I saw, there was this day when we filmed together and the next day she had another photoshoot. I saw that she really watched what she ate, saying she has to look good the next day.


Seulgi then asked her if she exercised the same control over food while filming for Blue Birthday, and Yeri replied that she couldn’t, all because of Hongseok!

Hongseok knows many all the popular restaurants. I gained weight while filming the drama because I followed him to all the restaurants!


Yeri has mentioned Hongseok’s great eye for restaurants before on Wendy’s radio show, SBS Power FM‘s Youngstreet, and shared how everyone on set would automatically look towards him for mealtime reccomendations!


You can watch them talk about it here!