Red Velvet’s Comeback Album “Summer Magic” Will Include An English Version of “Bad Boy”

SM Entertainment is releasing the studio version.

When SM Entertainment announced the details for Red Velvet‘s comeback album Summer Magic earlier in the month, many Reveluvs were speculating what the special bonus track included in the album would be, with guesses ranging from “Bad Boy” English version, which they showcased part of at KCON New York, a Korean version of their Japanese song “Cookie Jar”, or even Red Velvet singing the “Shark Song”.


SM Entertainment has since confirmed to Billboard that the special track on Summer Magic will indeed be an English version of “Bad Boy”.

Billboard has confirmed with SM Entertainment that there is a connection between that LP (The Perfect Red Velvet) and the upcoming EP (Summer Magic), as the latter will feature an English version of the former’s single “Bad Boy.”

— Billboard


Naturally, Reveluvs around the world are excited to hear that they will be able to listen to the studio version of “Bad Boy” sung in English.


Red Velvet will make their comeback on August 6 with Summer Magic and are already set to appear on multiple variety shows as part of their promotions, including Weekly Idol, Idol Room, and Knowing Bros.

Source: Billboard

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