Red Velvet’s Irene Is The Absolute Perfect Candidate For A “Visual-ASMR”

Irene is the top visual-package!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a true visual queen…and the absolute perfect member for a “visual-ASMR”!

On November 8, SM Entertainment uploaded a video of Irene in Switzerland that they named “visual-ASMR”, and how right they were to call it that. The video follows Irene around Switzerland as she has fun and messes around with her members, and it’s just a treasure chest of Irene’s heavenly visuals!


With the perfect background music consisting of Red Velvet’s B-Side gem, “Parade”, the video shows Irene truly in her element, and viewers will be taken aback by how  beautiful she is against the scenic backdrop of Switzerland!

Irene is truly the whole package, she’s got talent, looks and a great personality to boot!


Check out the “visual-ASMR” video starring Red Velvet’s Irene, here!

Red Velvet