Red Velvet’s Irene Announced To Be The Voice of Campaign Against School Violence In Korea

She’s an incredible person and role model.

Red Velvet‘s Irene will be the voice of a campaign against school violence. Teachers in Korea may submit messages that support the anti-violence message and the best one will be chosen to be recorded by Irene before being posted to the NHN website for schools to use as their bell alarm.

The information for the competition is as follows:

NHN Edu will be holding a ‘Star School Bell! Our School Bell Contest’ from December 2-31.
All teachers can participate in this contest. This contest is to find the best message to use for school violence prevention. The message that gets chosen will be recorded by Red Velvet’s Irene and posted to the NHN Edu website for any school to use as their bell alarm.
This campaign is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, National Council, Korea Federation of Teachers Association, SM Entertainment, NHN, Yonhap News, and KBS.

Director of NHN Edu Park Beom Jin stated, “We were able to be aware of the seriousness regarding school violence after providing the mobile alarm service. We hope that this campaign can help solve the problem with school violence.”

This is such an incredible, worthwhile cause for Irene to commit to! She is truly an excellent role model for youth everywhere.

Source: Naver

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