Red Velvet’s Irene Forced Wendy To Reveal This Embarrassing Fact In Front Of Fans During A Live Broadcast

When Irene tells you to do something, you follow her orders.

Red Velvet has recently made a comeback with their latest mini-album “The Reve Festival: Day 1” which has topped the international charts.

To mark their latest comeback, the Red Velvet members did a live broadcast which involved them randomly choosing a card from a lot machine. From this random card, the members either had to answer the question or complete the special mission.

Joy picked out a card which highlighted the importance of honesty.

On that note, the card asked each member to share the most TMI incident that happened to them that day.

Many of the Red Velvet members were unsure of how to answer this question, as they had been busy promoting the whole day.

Hence, the mission started off slow as the members gave incredibly tame answers.

Seulgi’s TMI incident was that she overslept because she switched off the alarm. Joy was unable to think of anything and shared that the only embarrassing thing she did today was sigh.

In contrast, Wendy shared a truly TMI incident where she had popped a pimple on her forehead.

But Irene was determined to expose an embarrassing incident, after a string of uninspiring answers.

Unfortunately, that target happened to be Wendy.

After Wendy revealed her TMI incident, Irene pointed out that she had another embarrassing incident that happened to her.

You have that one! The mosquito!

Upon hearing this, Wendy couldn’t control her laughter and embarrassment.

The other members were curious and began asking her what had happened.

In the evening … a mosquito on my butt …

When Joy asked if a mosquito had bitten her butt, Wendy had no choice but to confirm!

Yeri didn’t make things any better for Wendy when she asked her some more questions about her second TMI incident.

So you’ve been scratching your butt?

When Wendy confirmed, Joy expressed her distaste, despite Wendy trying to explain that she only scratched when her pants were on.

Irene tried to get the broadcast moving along and told viewers they were moving on to the next question.

In response, Wendy took it out on Irene for instigating the drama and forcing her to expose such embarrassing facts about herself.

You made me share two TMI’s!

Irene merely justified that she had given a small clue. Hence, she insinuated that it was Wendy who was the one who embarrassed herself!

The other members agreed that Wendy’s incidents were truly TMI and really highlighted the spirit of honesty that the card had asked for.

Hilariously, viewers pointed out that Irene didn’t even give her own embarrassing incident. She just made Wendy reveal an extra one for her!

Irene pushed Wendy to expose herself and there was nothing Wendy could do about it. Because when Irene tells you to jump off a cliff, you follow her orders.

Although the Red Velvet members love to push each other’s buttons, Reveluvs know how close they are and how comfortable they are in talking with each other about their personal lives.

They are truly sisters who exemplify the spirit of honesty when they are with each other.

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