Fans Discover Red Velvet’s Irene Is The New Ambassador For “Clinique” Ahead Of Official Announcement

The new endorsement deal even includes Irene photocards.

Technically, Clinique Korea hasn’t announced its new ambassador yet, but excited fans have already worked out who it is: Red Velvet’s Irene!

On March 30, international skincare and makeup brand Clinique posted a video on their Korean Instagram asking people to guess the identity of their new ambassador. Even though the video was blurred, ReVeluvs spotted Irene in the clip straight away.

To prove their theory right, Korean fans headed to beauty stores—where Irene’s face is already all over the Clinique counters.

Credit: @alvolo43 on Twitter

Fans also learned that when you purchase a Clinique moisturizer from Korea’s biggest beauty retailer, Olive Young, you’ll receive two limited-edition Irene photocards.

Credit: @TB_GDR on Twitter

It’s particularly fitting that Olive Young is offering this deal since Irene’s China fanbase (Irene Bar) has purchased advertisements in all Olive Young branches nationwide for her birthday.

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Clinique is so confident in Irene’s selling power, they even printed the photocard offer on the product’s packaging. That comes as no surprise given how Korean media outlets have coined the term “Irene Effect” to describe how she increases product sales.

The most eagle-eyed ReVeluvs may have already had inkling that Irene was going to become Clinique’s new model as she’s worn the brand’s makeup several times in recent months. At the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje, for example, Irene’s makeup artist used Clinique Cheek Pop (in Nude and Heather) for one of her MC looks.


Clinique is one of the most successful and profitable cosmetics lines under beauty giant Estée Lauder. Estée Lauder Companies, whose brands also include MAC Cosmetics and Jo Malone, drew in almost $15 billion USD in sales last year.

Credit: @koongyaa on Twitter

The global Clinique brand has stores in over 100 countries worldwide and is growing in popularity for its skincare products.

Credit: @lin_lins_ on Twitter

The current Global Ambassador for the brand is Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke. Presumably, Irene’s advertisements and activities will begin in South Korea and possibly extend to the wider Asia region.

Credit: @Reveluv_ing on Twitter

Coincidentally, Clinique’s parent company Estée Lauder also owns Aveda, the haircare brand fellow Red Velvet member Joy endorses.

Here’s hoping Clinique will give ReVeluvs plenty of pretty Irene pictorials in the near future!

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