Red Velvet’s Joy Allegedly Demeaned As Manager In SBS’s “Handsome Tigers”

“I feel like they’re using Joy for views.”

Fans are upset over the alleged disrespect Red Velvet‘s Joy is experiencing on SBS‘s Handsome Tigers.

They claim that she is being demeaned by being given menial tasks such as handing over uniforms and towels to the male celebrities.


Joy even collecting the towels afterwards despite them being full of sweat, and this was her main duty during filming.


Reveluvs believe the show trivializes manager duties and that they cast Joy merely to serve as added publicity, with some cast members seeming to ignore her at times.


Being the only female celebrity and casting her as a manager was also upsetting. As Korean society is used to seeing women do chores and other “supporting” duties, it was disrespectful to assign Joy this role.


Other fans, however, claim that the backlash aimed at Handsome Tigers is largely unfounded, saying that Joy enjoyed her time as manager on the show.


Handsome Tigers is a basketball themed reality show starring Seo Jang HoonASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, and more. Pre-recording will continue in mid-January and full episodes will air sometime in 2020.

Source: theqoo

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