Red Velvet’s Joy Opens Up About The Idol-Like Image That’s Pushed On And Expected Of Her

She gives a real message to those who need to hear this: its okay to be you!

Red Velvet‘s Joy talked about the idol-image that has been enforced on her even as she grows to become an artist, an actress, a performer, and more.

On October 17, American brand UGG released a global campaign video of which the Red Velvet member was a part of. The video featured Joy’s fashion film and interview, where she gave her honest thoughts about her image and what it means to dress like an idol.


I’m in a field where I can express my real self, and not only as me within an assigned concept. But everytime I express the real me, I’ve heard words like “It’s too much” and “I like your cute side more”. Why do they keep wanting that kind of idol-like image from me? I kept wondering this by myself.


Joy then looks into the camera, and smiles reassuringly.


I have wondered this before. But…the person on stage is me and the person off-stage is also me. So, I want to say this to the people asking, “Is it okay for an idol to dress like this?” I want to tell them, yes, that’s right. This is me.


Here are more images from her participation in the campaign below!




You can also check out the video from the campaign here!


You do you, Joy!

Red Velvet