Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals How She Feels When Reading Negative Comments About “Zimzalabim” To Fans

She even had to request Reveluvs to do something for Red Velvet

Recently, Red Velvet has made their most recent comeback with “The Reve Festival: Day 1” which features the lead single “Zimzalabim”.

While the mini-album has experienced solid success, “Zimzalabim” has received polarizing reviews for its experimental nature and song structure.

Red Velvet is renowned as a K-Pop group who pushes musical conventions and never plays it safe with their title tracks. Hence, with such a large body of musical works, not all of their songs will be well-received.

Unfortunately, there have been many online commenters who have criticised Red Velvet’s latest release, particularly “Zimzalabim”, despite the effort and hard work that the members have put in to the song’s promotion.

In commemoration of their comeback, Red Velvet hosted Reveluvs for a fansign where they were able to discuss their feelings about promoting their latest mini-album.

Joy revealed that she absolutely loved preparing and promoting “Zimzalabim”.

I like this album so much, the performance, the outfits … Everything. It goes along with this song so well.

She also highlighted Red Velvet’s reputation as a conceptual K-pop group that always pushes boundaries with each comeback. Joy stated that a Red Velvet comeback wouldn’t be fun if they simply did the same thing as other people.

Despite Joy’s satisfaction with the comeback, she addressed the fact that “Zimzalabim” has been met with polarizing reviews.

Joy admitted that she had been reading a lot of negative comments online regarding Red Velvet’s comeback.

Unfortunately, Joy revealed that reading these had left her feeling sad and down-hearted, especially considering all the creativity and effort that had been put in.

Joy even asked Reveluvs to leave lots of positive comments about “Zimzalabim” to balance out against the criticisms that she had been seeing online.

Regardless of the reception of “Zimzalabim”, Joy reiterated that she personally enjoyed the process of making the album and is eager for Red Velvet to do more concepts in future comebacks.

To be honest, I’m having a lot of fun with this album. And we’re gonna do pretty things in the future too.

Reveluvs promised Joy that they would support Red Velvet’s latest comeback. When Joy asked whose baby is “Zimzalabim”, those fansign enthusiastically answered Reveluvs.

International Reveluvs have also been heeding to Joy’s words and hope that she will be able to see the support that has been given to Red Velvet

Whatever the reception to “Zimzalabim”, everyone can agree that Red Velvet’s creativity, talent and hard work is undeniable.

And many fans will continue looking forward to future comebacks, to see how Red Velvet’s artistry can further progress.

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