Red Velvet’s Joy Answers If She Would Mind If Her Boyfriend Crush Crossed Chopsticks With A Friend

“I am not jealous when it comes to things other people find infuriating and jealous about things other people find reasonable.”

Red Velvet’s Joy shared her stance on the infamous ‘Perilla Debate.’

Joy | W Korea/YouTube

In a YouTube video for W Korea, the singer was asked whether she would be upset if her boyfriend were to help her friend pick up perilla leaves with his chopsticks. The leaves are infamous for sticking together, making picking them up notoriously fickle for even the most seasoned chopstick users.

Perilla leaves |

After giving it some thought, the idol admitted that she would not be fazed, stating, “I don’t think it’s a big deal if he helps.

Joy | W Korea/YouTube

The idol stated whenever she answers the question this way, people always try to convince her otherwise; however, even after thinking it over, she feels it isn’t a big deal.

Joy | W Korea/YouTube

The idol admitted, “I am not jealous when it comes to things other people find infuriating and jealous about things other people find reasonable.

Joy | W Korea/YouTube

Joy made the front page of the news when last year she admitted she was in a relationship with singer Crush. The couple is said to have met through their 2020 collaboration “Mayday” off of Crush’s single album.

Crush (left) and Joy (right) | P-Nation

Joy and her group Red Velvet recently made their successful comeback through their mini-album titled, The ReVe Festival-Feel My Rhythm. The album sold a massive 227,000 copies on its first day, breaking the previous record of 207,000 first-day sales set by the album Queendom.

Red Velvet concept photo for Feel My Rhythm | SM Entertainment

The ‘Perilla Debate’ alludes to a hypothetical question surrounding perilla leaves. As stated above, the leaves tend to stick to each other, making it difficult to pick up one leaf at a time. The debate is regarding the question, “Would you be okay with your significant partner holding down a stack of perilla leaves with their chopstick so your friend can pick up the one on top?” The seemingly harmless question has spurred a national debate regarding dating etiquette, with passionate arguments made on both sides.

Check the video below to see Joy share her beauty tips and thoughts on the hotly debated topic.




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