Red Velvet’s Joy Struggling To Keep Her Chic Image Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

She looks so cute when she laughs!

Red Velvet‘s Joy just can’t help being a cutie!

On November 5, Joy attended the opening event of French fashion brand Chloé‘s pop-up store in Seoul. She looked gorgeous as always, dressed in a designer grey plaid pantsuit, with white frills at the end of her sleeves.

With her chic outfit, Joy also had a chic and cool expression on the whole time during the photo-taking segment of the event. But when she attempted to make a finger heart at the cameras, Joy realized that her frilly sleeves would not cooperate, and completely hid her heart from view!

Joy burst out laughing at the hindrance, all the while trying to regain her composure enough to slink back into “Chic Joy”. After watching her at the event, fans couldn’t get over how cute she looked while doing her best not to laugh!


Joy is seriously the cutest!

Red Velvet