Red Velvet’s Seulgi Reveals Her Struggle With Insomnia And The Unexpected Ways She Manages This On Live Broadcast

Regardless of how unusual it sounds, it is great they help her with her sleep!

Recently, Red Velvet has made their latest comeback with the release of their mini-album “The Reve Festival: Day 1” which has encountered much success.

To celebrate their comeback, the Red Velvet members held a live broadcast where they answered some fan questions from Reveluvs.

One of the questions was from a Reveluv who was having problems with insomnia. They asked the members if they had any advice for what to do when they had difficulties with falling asleep.

Unfortunately, the Red Velvet members revealed that they have had some sleep problems, with Seulgi revealing that she had difficulty sleeping these days.

I’m having sleep troubles these days. I can’t fall asleep for no reason.

Hence, Seulgi was able to empathise with the fan question and was willing to give some advice that would hopefully provide some guidance.

Seulgi revealed what she does to manage her insomnia. However, her methods were so unexpected that the other members couldn’t help but laugh.

I can’t fall asleep for no reason. So I sleep upside down.

Irene reacted with amusement and initially thought Seulgi slept vertically.

You hang your feet in the air?

With some elaboration, Seulgi explained that she now sleeps with her head on the other side of the bed. Somehow, this works for her and helps her fall asleep.

Seulgi advised that if the fan was having sleep problems, the best thing they could do was change their environment, whether that was where they were sleep or even what they were listening to.

There was a time when I suddenly wanted summer to come soon. So I listened to summer cricket sound or cicada sound

The other members were curious about whether this actually worked but Irene pointed out that Seulgi naturally enjoyed listening to these sounds.

But Wendy couldn’t hold her laughter when Seulgi highlighted that she sometimes listens to period drama soundtracks to go to sleep.

While Wendy thought this meant Seulgi fell asleep to the sounds of singers belting, Seulgi explained that she loves the instrumentals.

I love the sound of old, traditional instruments

The other members agreed with Seulgi that making a change to the sleep environment was important for helping with sleep difficulties.

Perhaps Reveluvs could try falling asleep to the sounds of their favourite Red Velvet songs.

Despite how unusual and unexpected these methods sound, it is great that Seulgi had found several ways to manage her sleeping.

Sleep is extremely vital and is linked to many aspects of wellbeing and health. Especially for someone as hard-working and committed as Seulgi, sleep is very important for idols to have.

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