Red Velvet’s Stylist Once Again Under Fire For Irene’s Dress

“Is her coordi her anti? This is so bad…”

Many idols show off some of their unique fashion at the airport and fans normally love to see what they’re wearing, but Red Velvet‘s Irene caught fans attention for all the wrong reasons.


A few days ago, Red Velvet set off for KCON in New York. While their fans were certainly happy to catch sight of them before they took off, Irene’s outfit left many fans unhappy.


The idol singer was seen wearing an off the shoulder dress that was shockingly short which prompted many ReVeluvs to call out her stylist for the poor choice.

  • “Is her coordi her anti? This is so bad…”

  • “Seriously, who is Red Velvet’s coordi?”


This isn’t the first time Red Velvet’s fashion coordinators have come under fire for the outfits they put Irene in. According to fans, they just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. This, in turn, makes fans worry that the clothing is uncomfortable for their idol.

  • “Why are they always putting her in such short dresses? I mean, Wendy gets to wear long pants but Irene… I just don’t get it!”

  • “It would be so uncomfortable to wear that outfit for over ten hours on a flight…”

  • “I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other pictures where Irene is trying to cover herself. That dress is just too short!”


While some fans were mostly concerned with Irene’s comfort, others simply thought the dress was all wrong for Irene’s petite frame.

  • “Her outfit ruined her proportions!”

  • “The overall concept was good but it’s just not right for her.”
  • “If they were going to dress her in an off the shoulder top, they should’ve put her in high waisted pants to elongate her figure. She’s already so short so putting a dress like this on her just drowns her… Her coordi’just hopeless.”


ReVeluvs may not have loved this outfit but they love their idol and just really want to see Irene in an outfit that she looks comfortable in and that flatters her figure.


Source: Sports Today

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