Red Velvet’s Wendy Experiences Yet Another Weight Change

Fans have been worrying about her health after seeing recent photos.

Back in late April and early May, fans noticed that Red Velvet’s Wendy looked as if she gained a little weight compared to the past.


Although Wendy looked beautiful as always, photos of her at the airport did make it seem like she had gained a little compared to when she was extremely thin.


Then, just one month later, in June, Wendy was seen again looking like she’s lost quite a bit of weight.


According to fans, not only her body but her face looked much thinner than the previous month as well.


Fans were amazed at how Wendy was able to lose so much weight within such a short period of time.

  • “I can tell she lost weight by her legs. It’s amazing how did she lose so much weight within a month?”
  • “That’s pretty amazing.”
  • “Wow.”


Many have been suspecting that her weight loss may be due to preparations for a comeback or something of the like.

  • “Are they making a comeback? Since she’s losing weight, it seems like they’re getting ready for something…”
  • “They’re making a comeback in Japan in July and probably one in Korea around August. I can tell by seeing how she lost weight in video clips…she does look better after losing but it fluctuates so often…I feel bad at how difficult it must have been. I hope she’ll be able to maintain her weight this time…It hurts my heart.”
  • “It looks like they’re going to be making a comeback. She does look pretty after losing some weight. Fighting.”


More than anything, however, they were worried about her health, especially after seeing her looking a little tired in the same photos.

  • “She looks really tired. She lost weight, but it looks like it’s taken away her happiness…”
  • “My weight always fluctuates too because of my diets and I can feel my body getting weak each time. You also gain it right back and get all bloated if you start eating salty and overeating even just a little…It’s okay if Wendy gains a little weight, I just hope she doesn’t wear herself out doing it. She’s beautiful enough just the way she is and extremely talented too.”
  • “Who cares if she gains a little weight…not everyone looks good skinny. Only those who look good skinny are pretty that way~ Wendy can afford to gain some weight. She looks better that way.”
  • “It really looks like her health is deteriorating…please take care of yourself…”
  • “It seems like Wendy is really not eating to lose weight and she looks like she’s going through a difficult time…who cares if you gain a little weight…”
  • “Please please I hope she doesn’t take it too far…last time she went on a diet, she didn’t eat properly and was even talking about it on broadcasts…I’m afraid she might develop an eating disorder…I truly hope she doesn’t get stressed anymore because of her weight…”


Wendy will always look beautiful no matter what, so fans can only hope that she doesn’t risk her health while on her diet!

Source: Pann Nate

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