Red Velvet’s Wendy Still Undergoing Hospital Treatment For Severe Injuries

Wendy’s wrist and pelvis fractures are reportedly “severe” and will take time to heal.

Almost a month after suffering an accident that horrified fans, Red Velvet’s Wendy is still undergoing hospital treatment for her injuries.


At SBS Gayo Daejeon on December 25 last year, Wendy fell from a stage tunnel over 2 meters high while rehearsing for a solo performance. She suffered injuries to her cheekbone, wrist, and pelvis on the right side of her body.

Fans have eagerly awaited updates on Wendy’s condition. On January 23, Xsportsnews reports that Wendy’s wrist and pelvis injuries are “severe” and that she is still recovering in a Seoul hospital.

Fans installed a Wendy sign near SBS where people can leave well wishes.

In the case of minor pelvic fractures, patients are usually discharged early and given time to return at home. Because of the seriousness of her injuries, Xsportsnews reports that Wendy is expected to take longer to recover.

The article did not mention Wendy’s facial injury, so it remains unclear whether her cheekbone has healed. At a fansign for “Psycho”, the Red Velvet members revealed that Wendy was unable to chew any food because of her cheekbone injury.

Earlier this week, SM Entertainment announced that Red Velvet will be going on a world tour this year. However, it remains to be seen whether Wendy will recover on time to participate. Her injuries have already forced her to miss the group’s Japan tour, which began this month.

According to reports, Wendy’s fall was caused by SBS’s failure to provide a safe performance environment for the artists in attendance. Those who were at the event that day say that SBS did not provide any form of stage markers or directions to guide Wendy in the dark, nor did they ensure that the tunnel’s stairway was active while she was rehearsing.

The tunnel Wendy reportedly fell from.

Shortly after the incident, SBS claimed they were launching an internal investigation into what happened. However, since the company still hasn’t announced any conclusive results, a Korean police department is reportedly conducting their own investigation under the charge of “Bodily Harm By Negligence”.

SM Entertainment has not released any further statements regarding Wendy’s condition or the company’s consultations with SBS.

Source: Xsportsnews

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