Red Velvet’s Wendy And Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Have The Most Hilarious Interaction on SJ Returns

Poor Wendy was so confused!

On the most recent episode of SJ Returns, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk took on the role of Shindong’s rookie manager, Lee Hyuk Jae. 

For a particular errand, he drove Shindong for a live broadcast schedule. While Shindong prepped for the broadcast, Lee Hyuk Jae was off to get coffee for his artist. He walked to multiple coffee shops in an office building, but unfortunately for him— they were all closed! 

As he walked out dejectedly, he ran into Red Velvet’s Wendy, Shindong’s guest for the live broadcast. While they greeted each other, Eunhyuk remembered who he was, and bowed deeply immediately, introducing himself as Shindong’s rookie manager. Kind-hearted Wendy was absolutely perplexed at his sudden formal speech transition, and said that as her sunbae (senior) by so many years, he doesn’t need to speak so formally to her!


Eunhyuk, still in character, assured her that he must do it as a rookie manager, and again bowed deeply and asked her to take care of Shindong during the broadcast. Wendy, seemingly getting the gist of their interaction, in turn bowed deeply, but Eunhyuk bowed deeply again while protesting her doing the same. They continued bowing deeply in competition of who can be politer until they both ended on their haunches— and even then, continued bowing!

Fans have been ROFL-ing at this hilarious interaction between the two stars, and even praised Wendy for being so nice!


Watch their interaction here, from the 1:00 mark!



Source: Vlive