Reddit User’s Analysis Of Stray Kids Hyunjin’s “Play With Fire” Dance Video Has Fans Emotional

“I seriously want to know what goes on in that mind of his because, my god, is it ever artistic.”

Hyunjin performing his choreography.

Stray Kids member Hyunjin is back with a bang after a four-month hiatus. His dance performance to “Play With Fire (Feat. Yacht Money)” by Sam Tinnesz has been trending on YouTube since its release.

STAYs have been emotional over the video as it signals a new chapter in the artist’s career. One Reddit user’s post analyzing the dance performance has gone viral across social media platforms, with STAYs praising its written quality and the user’s ability to put their feelings into words.

In their post titled “Hwang Hyunjin and the art of making a damn statement,” user archfeybaby comments on their initial expectation for the idol’s comeback.

I think I, and a lot of other people, unjustly assumed that Hyunjin’s comeback was going to be quiet. Soft. He would be gentle and take baby steps.

— archfeybaby

They then explained how, and why, that expectation was wrong.

But I don’t think we gave enough credit to his consistent determination to present himself as an artist with grace and strength that sets him apart from the blaring intensity of his image with Stray Kids.

— archfeybaby

The user continued on to provide some context for the video from an artistic perspective, starting with Hyunjin’s conflicted feelings surrounding his status as a visual.

Hyunjin has expressed a resentment towards his visuals. He never liked being singled-out on them or told that he didn’t need to try hard to debut or to be an artist because he’d make it on his visual appeal alone.

— archfeybaby

Hyunjin, as the original poster pointed out, is “completely obscured, almost entirely, throughout this performance.

The only time you see Hyunjin’s face in full, un-obscured view, is in the mirror. When we’re looking at his reflection, but not him.

[…]  You’re forced to focus on his movement, his skill, and the version of himself he wants you to see.

— archfeybaby

They point out the artistic decisions Hyunjin made to show fans, “through his own choreography, primal instinct interlaced with beauty.” The writer comments on how Hyunjin chose to obscure his face in order “control that perception of him and make you view him aesthetically in the way he wants.”

They praise Hyunjin’s dynamic performance and even admit that it will take some rewatching and deep thinking to understand it more.

The post has amassed hundreds of upvotes and dozens of comments on Reddit, and a thread of the post by user cosmicskiz has gone viral on Twitter.

One user praised the writer’s talent with words.

 Another said they got goosebumps while reading the post.

It’s safe to say that fans were speechless over Hyunjin’s dramatic return, and appreciate this user’s post in helping them voice their feelings.

Source: Reddit and Twitter

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