Remember The Korean Air “Nut Rage” Heiress? Meet Her Sister The “Water Rage” Executive

Another heiress from Korean Air is under fire after she threw a cup of water at her employees over a commercial meeting.

Cho Hyun Ah, daughter of Korean Air‘s chairman, was under fire for ordering a JFK to ICN flight to turn around over a bag of nuts back in 2014.

The woman was infuriated when the flight attendant served her nuts in a bag rather than in a bowl, and wanted to turn back the flight to eject the crew member.


Her father announced soon after that she had been relieved of her executive position at Korean Air and at all other posts at his Hanjin corporation.


It seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as her younger sister Cho Hyun Min has now earned the title of “Water Rage” heiress.


Cho Hyun Min, also known as Emily Cho, was said to have hurled a cup of water onto an advertising agency official during a meeting last month.


She later apologized on Facebook, claiming it happened because of her passion for commercials.

“I bow my head in apology for my foolish behaviour. I have no words for behaving in a way that no one should. I have already personally apologized to the advertisment agency officials who attend the meeting, however it is already spilled water. I made a huge mistake by putting my passion for commercials over respect and consideration for others. I bow my head and apologize again.” — Cho Hyun Min 


The Korean media has also received an audio recording of Cho Hyun Min screaming at her subordinate.

“Forget it. Leave. What? Why are you just standing there? I told you stop, right? What do you mean it’s a misunderstanding, everyday you say it’s a misunderstanding. Ugh, really.” — Cho Hyun Min


Cho has since been suspended from her marketing & commercial management role.


Combined with the audio file publicized by multiple news outlets and the previous scandal with her older sister, her apology hasn’t done much to quell the Korean public.


Over 56,000 South Koreans have signed a petition asking the government to stop Korean Air from using the word Korea in their name.

There are concerns that the history of abuse of power at Korean Air will reflect poorly on the international image of South Korea.

Source: The Guardian and The Guardian