[★K-OP:ED] “Reply 2008”: BIGBANG and Wonder Girls are back

The idol golden age of 2008 is returning with both BIGBANG and Wonder Girls making a comeback at the same time in August!

Jung Ji Won of X Sports News reminisces of the golden age in her latest op, the K-Pop time when both BIGBANG and Wonder Girls rose to the top of the ranks with their hit tracks “Lies” and “Tell Me” respectively.

The following is a translation of her op by Koreaboo.

Top class group BIGBANG and Wonder Girls, who is returning as a four-member group after three years, will be meeting in the music industry this August.

After three years of hiatus, Wonder Girls is coming back with a new album Reboot on the 3rd next month at noon. Just like the album suggests, Wonder Girls are going through a “reboot” after three years and evolving into a band through this comeback.

In the teasers, Wonder Girls took up the instruments of bass, drums, guitar, and keyboards without hesitation, and in addition, unveiled an exquisite video teaser of their title track “I Feel You” as a girl band with a 1980s and retro feel. The public’s expectation is higher than ever before.

And on August 5th, BIGBANG is releasing “Let’s Not Love” with GD&TOP also releasing a new track.

Each month [since May], BIGBANG has been conquering the music charts, but “mega hit girl group” Wonder Girls are making a return as a band [next month]. 2008 is known as the golden age of idols and this age will unfold once again before your eyes.

But it’s not only that.

SHINee, who debuted in 2008 [with “Replay”] is also making their return in August 2015 with their repackaged album, then there’s Girls’ Generation with their studio album also coming in August, so in a sense, it is literally Reply 2008. Idols who rose to mainstream status and the super rookies of 2008 will be reuniting in the music industry in 2015 in a single month.

Tensions are as high as ever for [agency] officials, but the public is no doubt delighted to listen to new music this August.


Source: X Sports News