Report Shows Most Young Koreans Don’t Care About Getting Married Anymore

Young South Koreans are moving away from the idea that everyone should get married.

Statistics Korea recently surveyed 38,600 South Koreans aged 13 and older on their views concerning young couples and marriage. Results of the survey showed that more than half, 51.4%, of South Koreans between the ages of 13 and 24 believe that marriage is not a necessary practice for them.

More than half of young South Koreans don’t think marriage is necessary

The results of this survey show an increase in the number of South Koreans that think this way, with the same question receiving a similar response from only 36.7% of the population back in 2010. Surprisingly, the older generation agrees, with many South Koreans between the ages of 50 to 69 also saying that marriage is no longer necessary.

This is not altogether surprising, considering that young South Koreans choose to focus more on their education and career over settling down and having a family.

According to recent surveys, in Korea more men want to get married than women

In a similar survey conducted by the Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs last year, 52.4% of women felt that marriage was not a necessity. In the same survey, a surprisingly large percentage (25.9%) of women also admitted they would be fine not having any children either. So not only are South Korean men running out of available brides, it looks like many of them might not want to get married in the first place.

Source: Korea Times, The Straits Times