Reporter accuses Luhan of pointing middle finger, calls him “EXO Deserter”

A recent article by Korean media is making rounds online, being ridiculed by Korean netizens for sounding farfetched and attempting to start drama against Luhan

The article titled “EXO Deserter Luhan, is he swearing? Meaningful picture.. the topic of controversy” accuses Luhan of pointing the middle finger in a photo, after receiving an award in China. The full article, as published on January 17th, reads as below:

Luhan, who left EXO and is currently active as a solo artist in China, took a picture celebrating his award. The picture is a hot topic of controversy among Korean netizens. On the 15th, Luhan posted on Weibo a picture with the words “2014 Weibo Night.” In the picture, Luhan is in a very dandy outfit and smiling cutely but pointing at the award with his 3rd finger giving rise to split interpretations about the image.

Netizens have responded with comments such as “What is with that finger??”, “Is that his way of saying thank you??”, and “I don’t understand.”

Luhan is currently active as an actor in China after notifying SM Entertainment about his wish to nullify his contract in October.

Despite this, however, comments on the article by netizens are the exact opposite, pointing out that he is definitely not holding out his middle finger and that the reporter is attempting to create controversy.

Netizen comments included, “Is the journalist blind? Anyone can tell it’s his index finger.” and “How can anyone take that as a middle finger ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: OSEN