Reporter Claims Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And VIXX’s Ravi Had A 3 Day, 2 Night Long Date

Fans are claiming an invasion of privacy due to the stalking.

A YouTuber who goes by the channel name of Simply Reporter Lee has claimed that Taeyeon and Ravi had a Christmas date that lasted over 2 days — 55 hours to be exact. She also made it known that she was the one who wrote the article on Joy News24, which means she is known as reporter Lee Ye Ji.

She first claimed she would only state the facts of their relationship, and said she knew about their relationship since October 2020, and they have been dating for around one year.

She then claimed the two were more than just friendly junior-seniors in the entertainment industry, but a couple who relied on each other and cared for each other.

Following this, she claimed that starting on Christmas Day, December 25 to December 27, the two had a long date at their homes. Since they are celebrities, they can’t freely go out for dates, so they had it at their homes and would make time to meet outside their busy schedules

She then included video footage of Ravi arriving at Taeyeon’s apartment at around 10 am on Christmas Day, and even included the general location and apartment name. She also noted that Ravi personally entered Taeyeon’s passcode to enter the apartment complex.

One hour later, both Ravi and Taeyeon came downstairs, with Ravi holding a bag. This was notable by the reporter because Ravi was not seen entering the apartment with a bag. Taeyeon was also holding her dog, Zero, and both of them got into Ravi’s car.

The two stopped by a mart, where Ravi purchased a grill plate, and then arrived at Ravi’s house, where the reporter then claimed that they did not leave the house after arriving.

The reporter claims they did not leave Ravi’s place until 1 pm on December 26, where they headed back to Taeyeon’s apartment. They did not leave the apartment that day either. She claims her team spotted Ravi running out to a white van around 3:40 pm on December 27, after the dating news broke out. Her team followed the van, where they arrived at GROOVL1N, Ravi’s agency.

Both SM Entertainment and GROOVL1N have denied the dating rumors, stating they are good friends who just worked on music together.

Watch her full video below: