Reporter Compliments Claudia Kim’s English During Interview, Fans Call Her Racist

“I must say that I am really impressed by your racism.”

Reporter Kjersti Flaa has been criticized by fans for a rude remark she made towards Claudia Kim in a recent interview.


On November 7, Kjersti Flaa uploaded an interview of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’s Ezra Miller and Claudia Kim on her Youtube channel.


The interview seemed to be going fairly well until the reporter asked the actors, “Do you remember your first encounter with the book?”


Claudia Kim replied, “Middle school, Korea. I asked my dad’s friend to get me the book from the US.”


After hearing Kim’s response, Kjersti Flaa had a surprised look on her face and asked whether she was able to speak English at the time or not.

“Ooh. But you read it in English, then? So you did speak English? That’s cool.”

ㅡ Kjersti Flaa


Slightly taken aback by the reporter’s reaction, Ezra Miller chimed in and indicated that Claudia Kim still speaks English and speaks very well at that.

“She still does, even now speak English. Very well.”

ㅡ Ezra Miller


One fan took notice of Kjersti Flaa’s reaction and called her out on it, indicating that her questions were “inappropriate, condescending and somewhat racist”.


Instead of giving an explanation or simply keeping silent, however, Kjersti Flaa further angered fans by responding with a comment that suggested she didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she had said.


Dozens of other fans swarmed in with comments to defend the Korean actress and shamed Flaa for being “ignorant and racist”.


Watch the full interview below:

Source: MBC Sports Plus