Reporter Unveils The Real Truth Behind TWICE Jeongyeon’s Health Condition And Previous Weight Gain

He shared his insider information regarding the girl group member.

As TWICE‘s Jeongyeon continues to be in and out of the spotlight due to her ongoing health complications, a reporter recently shared some details that may have unveiled the truth.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon.

Reporter Lee Jin Ho of 연예 뒤통령이진호 on YouTube uploaded a video with a title that alluded to the “real truth” behind Jeongyeon’s health condition, as well as her previous weight gain. The reporter started off the video by detailing her ongoing health concerns and the constant cancellations of her TWICE promotions, including her most recent omittance from the girl group’s upcoming world tour.

Still from 연예 뒤통령이진호 | Youtube

Recently, JYP Entertainment released an official statement sharing that Jeongyeon would not be participating in the upcoming world tour. Jeongyeon previously halted her activities two other times, once back in October 2020 and another in August 2021.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

Lee Jin Ho continued to reveal the real truth behind her career hiatus, as he shared that it had everything to do with her neck injury.

Still from 연예 뒤통령이진호 | Youtube

Last year in June, Jeongyeon underwent a herniated disk surgery for her neck and she halted her promotions. While she persisted through the pain time and time again, she was admitted into the hospital a week before TWICE’s comeback. At the time, Jeongyeon revealed that she didn’t want ‘to show ONCEs the pain’ so she didn’t say anything and hid it from them.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

It was here that Lee Jin Ho began to talk about Jeongyeon’s weight gain, which happened following her neck surgery.

Still from 연예 뒤통령이진호 | Youtube

This February, Jeongyeon made her comeback through TWICE’s comeback. However, Jeongyeon’s changed image was noticeable on the comeback stage. She looked different from before.

She concerned her fans with her weight gain. And while she looked like she could struggle with the choreography due to the state of her body, her passion was unmatched even compared to her other members.

— Lee Jin Ho

However, the reporter didn’t end his video there. Lee Jin Ho continued his report by providing details as to why Jeongyeon couldn’t help but gain weight following her surgery.

Reporter Lee Jin Ho | @연예 뒤통령이진호/Youtube

Firstly, Jeongyeon underwent her herniated disk surgery back in 2020. One of the medications that herniated disk patients, who undergo the recovery process, take the most is a steroid. One of the biggest side effects of this steroid medication is edema (swelling of limbs).

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

Lee Jin Ho also revealed another side effect of the strong steroid medication that Jeongyeon has reportedly been taking—which happened to be an increase in appetite.

| @연예 뒤통령이진호/Youtube

Another big side effect of this steroid medication is aggressive cravings. There are many instances where your appetite and your cravings become even more heightened. Because taking high doses of steroids can create stomach sensitivity, a person’s appetite tends to unknowingly grow over time.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

You can watch Lee Jin Ho’s full video about the TWICE member down below.

Source: WikiTree