Reporters Agree That BTS’s Jin Is The King Of Hard Work

Jin is truly a hard worker.

Reporters came together to reveal their honest thoughts and opinions about BTS’s Jin and came to the conclusion that there was nothing bad to say about him.

Jin was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment while he was a student at Konkuk University back in 2011. Although his dream was to become an actor, he was able to debut as a singer by joining the agency. He is also now titled as ‘worldwide handsome’ by fans and himself. Reporters cannot deny this title because they have seen him in person and agree that he really is truly a handsome young man.




Reporter Ji Seung Hun could see Jin’s improvement in his vocals during his performance of “Epiphany” at their final performance of their world tour in Seoul. He could see how hard he worked to get to where he is now and proves that he is not just good looking, but also someone with true talent. Even though Jin started music late, he continued to practice singing and is now the vocal in the group who also sings the high notes.




Reporter Park Hyun Min commented on Jin’s dancing and stated that he could really see his improvement in his recent performances. He does not think it’s a bad thing to hear that his dancing has improved because people who continue to improve can only go up from there.




Reporter Kang Nae Ri remembers the time she attended their press conference in London. She sat front row and was impressed by Jin as he continued to smile and answer questions even though he must have been tired from their crazy schedules.




Reporter Ji Seung Hun also talked about a time he was touched by Jin at the airport on their way to Saudi Arabia. Even though they were very busy, Jin took the time to answer his question while others just passed him by. He was truly grateful that Jin answered him amidst the chaos.




Reporter Park Hyun Min also felt that Jin’s interest in abandoned dogs and donating to UNICEF would influence many people to take up these good deeds. A celebrity’s single action can create a worldwide effort and make a huge impact on the world.




It’s safe to say that Jin is truly a caring and loving person who also just happens to be ‘worldwide handsome’!




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