Reports of IU’s comeback proven false by Loen Tree

Loen Tree has denied initial claims that singer and actress IU will be making a comeback this April. 

On February 3rd, a representative from Loen Tree spoke to Newsen, denying claims of IU’s alleged comeback this April and further revealed that, “It is too early to discuss the release timing for the album.”

The representative further explained the standard process of comeback preparations under their agency and stated that, “It is common practice for the artist to decide on the concept of the album and begin collecting songs, but IU has yet to choose a concept or songs.”

Earlier today, initial reports claimed that a number of multiple entertainment personnels disclosed that the singer is in the final stages of her album preparations with an album release planned for April. The said album release would have been her latest material following her remake album Flower Bookmark released in May last year.

Source: Newsen