Republic Records Clarifies That Stray Kids’ Signatures Are Authentic For Merch But Gets Clowned

It’s definitely authentic.

On February 13, JYP Entertainment announced the pre-order for the new Stray Kids album ODDINARY. It will be available for purchase beginning March 18 with three versions: “FRANKENSTEIN,” “SCANNING, and “MASK OFF.”

Additionally, USA customers will receive a signed postcard. Republic Records reshared the announcement on Twitter.

Naturally, STAYs (fans of Stray Kids) were curious if it was simply a printed signature or if a member actually signed it. So, Republic Records’ social media manager quickly responded to STAYs’ question, saying that “it’s their actual signature.”

Of course, it was not just one STAY who was curious. Lots were…

And each time someone asked the same question…

…Republic Records responded with the same answer.

So, even though Republic Records had answered this question already, people continued to ask, wondering if the signatures would be authentic.

A STAY (@iwafltr on Twitter) noticed the humorous nature of Republic Records’ continuous tweets, and their quote tweet went viral with over 7K likes. The social media manager clearly had to copy and paste every time they responded!

Republic Records is certainly leaving no room for interpretation.

Watch Stray Kids’ “ODDINARY” trailer below:

Source: @iwafltr

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