#RespectLisa Trends Worldwide After Netizens Claiming To Be BLINKs Make Racial Attacks Towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa

BLINKs have stepped up to protect Lisa.

BLINKs have taken the #RespectLisa hashtag worldwide after Lisa was a victim of racial attacks by international netizens claiming to be part of the fanclub.

A series of screen captures from various international BLACKPINK fan communities made their way onto social media, and many BLINKs are noticing how the users in the communities are making crude remarks towards Lisa for simply being from Thailand.

| @Doralovelisa/Twitter

The group of Chinese BLINKs, as determined by their profile pictures and usernames, were saying derogatory things about Lisa’s appearance, and comparing her to a “ladyboy”, a term most commonly used in Thailand when referring to a transgender person.

Another series of chats, this time from a Turkish community, showed how some of the members were hating on Lisa’s skills, but then the conversation took a turn to insult Lisa using other Thai people as an excuse.

| @Born2Bredarmy/Twitter

They continued to insult her and belittle her skills, but then the conversation took a turn for the worse, as the members in the community started to make claims that can easily count as slander.

| @Born2Bredarmy/Twitter

Following the reveal of the messages, the hashtag #RespectLisa has reached number three worldwide, and number one in multiple countries, including her home country of Thailand.

Lisa has been attacked for simply having a Thai background during her time as a Korean artist, however her fans have stood by her side every step of the way, making sure she knows there are many more people who love her for who she is.