Retired Idol Accused Of Sexual Assault And Drug Use Returns To The Industry

The former TVXQ! member was accused of sexual assault by four women and charged with drug use.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Park Yoochun, former member of TVXQ! and JYJ, recently stepped back into the spotlight with a fan meeting and dinner show in Tokyo to celebrate his 20th anniversary in the entertainment industry. This return is significant given Park’s history of legal troubles, including drug use and accusations of sexual assault, which had previously led him to announce his retirement.

yoo chun
Yoochun after receiving his suspended sentence. | Yonhap News Agency

On February 9, Park made a public appearance, surprising many with a change in his physical appearance, looking healthier and more mature than before. His fans welcomed him warmly, responding with cheers to his smiles and expressions of gratitude. Park, proficient in Japanese, engaged with his audience, creating a positive atmosphere at the event. Attendance wasn’t cheap, with tickets priced between roughly ₩205,000 KRW (about $154 USD) and ₩446,000 KRW (about $335 USD).

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Park’s career had hit a significant roadblock in 2019 when he received a suspended sentence for drug use despite previously claiming he would retire if his drug use was proven. However, it seems like Park decided against retiring and made his way back into the entertainment world.

Yoochun during TVXQ!’s “Mirotic” era. | SM Entertainment

Aside from his legal issues related to drug use, Park faced allegations of sexual assault from four women between 2016 and 2017. Although he was acquitted due to insufficient evidence of force, the accusations severely damaged his public image. He was also embroiled in a civil lawsuit, which resulted in a court-ordered compensation payment to one of the accusers, further complicating his situation.

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In April 2019, Park was arrested on suspicion of purchasing and using methamphetamine, leading to his agency terminating his contract and Park announcing his retirement. He was even banned from appearing on television for a short while. However, after admitting to the charges and being sentenced to a suspended ten-month imprisonment and a fine, he completed his probation without violations, paving the way for his return to the public eye.

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As Park attempts to rebuild his career, it remains to be seen whether fans and the industry will welcome him back, especially in South Korea.

Source: wikitree