“The Return of Superman” Tot William Hammington Surprises Viewers After Ditching His Iconic Style For New Short Haircut

Of course, he’s still just as cute!

Fans of KBS2‘s The Return of Superman could pick William Hammington and his younger brother Bentley Hammington out of any crowd, and it’s not just because they’re so famous. The two sons of TV personality Sam Hammington are also known for their unique and iconic hairstyles. But now, William has shocked viewers everywhere with a new cut.

William Hammington, now aged 4, has been a star on The Return of Superman since he was just a few months old. In 2017, he was joined by his brother Bentley, who is currently 2 years old.

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In recent years, the half-Australian half-Korean siblings have become two of the most popular children on the show thanks to their precious personalities and adorable looks—including their unique hairstyles.

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Both brothers have been sporting “micro bangs” for quite some time now. As the name suggests, the style is characterized by very bangs that sit an inch or two above the browline.

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But William’s hairstyle is particularly iconic because the rest of his hair is long, which is fairly atypical for young boys.

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Judging by Sam Hammington’s childhood pictures, the style appear’s to be modeled on their dad’s old haircut. While some find William’s signature hairstyle to be unfashionable, many more viewers are obsessed with the cute, one-of-a-kind look.

Sam Hammington as a child | @williamhammington/Instagram

So, it’s no surprise that Koreans and international fans of the show are shocked to see that William just got a drastic haircut. His official Instagram was updated on September 8 with a photo of his new, much shorter locks.

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굿모닝. 짠!!!

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In just 16 hours, the post already has almost 200,000 likes. Meanwhile, fans are divided. Some love the style and even want Bentley to try out something new, while others say they’ll miss his long hair.

It looks like William is keeping his micro bangs, but it remains to be seen whether the tot’s parents will style his hair like Bentley’s or let him try a completely new look.

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Many are also wondering whether the haircut was William’s own idea. Thankfully, everything will likely be addressed on an upcoming episode of The Return of Superman.

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Whatever the case, this is solid proof that William is one of the cutest kids out there with or without long hair.