Red Velvet Fans’ Frustrations With SM Entertainment Increase As Beyond Live Cuts Concert Live Stream Short

“The ticket is so expensive mind you, this is so unfair.”

What started as a joyous day for thousands of ReVeluvs around the world, ended with frustration and upset after an abrupt action from the concert live-streaming service Beyond Live spoiled the fans’ fun.

Earlier today, Red Velvet held the second day of their concert R to V at a sold-out KSPO Dome with 15,000 fans in attendance. The group had prepared plenty of exciting performances for their fans and made sure they would share some unforgettable moments together.

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The concert featured live performances of songs that audiences in South Korea are familiar with such as, “Red Flavor,” “Bad Boy,” and “Psycho.” Part of the amazing setlist were also songs the group had never performed before including recent beloved b-sides “BYE BYE,” “Bamboleo,” “ZOOM,” “On A Ride,” and “Beg For Me.”

R to V also saw the return of some fan-favorite concert songs like “Oh Boy,” “Bing Bing,” and “You Better Know.”

The night was full of happiness, love, and sweet memories being shared between the Red Velvet members and fans, those who were attending the venue, and also those who were able to watch the concert from all over the world. The second day of the concert was also streamed on Beyond Live, as it has become customary with K-Pop concerts following the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were some small mishaps during the concert, such as the concert staff playing the wrong song at the beginning of their “Feel My Rhythm” performance and Irene‘s dress continuously getting stuck on her jewels during the “Bad Boy” intro solo dances. However, the members’ high levels of professionalism made it possible for all these situations to go smoothly and not affect the concert’s success at all.

The problem that arose near the end of the concert, unfortunately, didn’t go as well, especially because it was out of the members’ hands. ReVeluvs that had bought Beyond Live tickets for the show were shocked when their stream ended abruptly before Red Velvet could finish their encore section. Understandably, this angered many fans who took to social media to express their frustrations with Beyond Live and the owners of the platform, SM Entertainment.

Due to the long time the SM girl group went without a concert, more than three years, the girls promised fans they would spend a lot of time together. In fact, they even asked the fans that would attend to continuously call them back on stage for more encores even if the members said it was time to leave. That is precisely what happened on the first day of the concert, as Red Velvet members returned to the stage more than five times after saying their goodbyes, due to the fans’ request.

Because of this, the encore section for R to V is made up of four songs: “Celebrate,” “My Dear,” “Russian Roulette,” and “You Better Know,” instead of the usual two. Today, the members also added yet another song to the section, “Zimzalabim,” once again due to the fans’ request. This was a great decision as the atmosphere was crazy during the song’s exciting performance, with fans jumping out of their seats.

While the encore section of Red Velvet was arguably one of the best parts of the concert, unfortunately, international fans watching Beyond Live weren’t able to enjoy it fully. The stream ended after the first two songs were performed, following the Red Velvet members greeting their fans. This left fans confused as to why it was finished, with many wondering if it would simply go back up again.

Sadly, this never happened. ReVeluvs were surprised to hear Red Velvet was still performing on stage by the fans in the venue and were left with no choice but to experience the last three stages through audio streams from fellow fans. The upset caused many fans to share their disappointment and anger, with some even asking for refunds considering they were “cheated out” of three performances.

Beyond Live has yet to explain and respond to the frustrations of the fans. Meanwhile, ReVeluvs are using different ways — from the platform’s customer care features on their website to tagging them on social media — to reach the company.

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