ReVeLuv Sexually Assaulted At K-WORLD FESTA

K-Pop fans came together in solidarity, starting the hashtag #ProtectRedVelvetAndReveluv.

A ReVeLuv who was excited about seeing Red Velvet at K-WORLD FESTA was sexually assaulted during their performance of “Power Up” on August 16, day two of the event. The victim posted a series of tweets detailing the horrifying ordeal, seeking information from any attendees who may have seen anything suspicious.


Hi. During today’s K-World Festa, specifically at the second half of Red Velvet’s “Power Up” performance, I had a man whose face was completely covered up come behind me. He spilled something down my back and bottom. At first, I thought it was water that he had spilled by mistake, since we were at a standing zone. After the performance, however, when I tried to wipe it off once the lights went on

— Twitter User taeng031126

I realized it was something sticky. I got really scared so I asked the guards for help. The guards helped wipe the substance off of me and tried to comfort me. I have never had anything like this happen to me before, so I don’t know how I should react, which is why I’m writing this. If anyone has seen a suspicious man in D section, please DM me. I am desperate for any info.

— Twitter User taeng031126

I really want to nail him down and make sure this doesn’t happen to anybody else ever again. Please RT this for me. I need all the help I can get.

— Twitter User taeng031126

K-Pop fans from around the world have rallied together to support her, starting the hashtag #ProtectRedVelvetAndReVeLuv. The hashtag began trending in certain countries as people demanded justice for the victim.

No further information is known about the assailant or the situation at this point, but fans hope this young ReVeLuv will get the justice she deserves.

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