WINNER Members Reveal Which Member Makes The Most

See just how much Winner is winning!

On the episode of National Receipt aired on April 6, WINNER‘s Seungyoon and Jinwoo were guests and spoke on their spending habits.

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On this day, hosts Kim Sook and Song Eun Yi asked the members, “Comedians often get paid similarly, but certain idols make drastically more than other idols. Can you tell us who in Winner makes the most?”

Seungyoon stated Mino made the most since he films the most commercials and brand endorsements.

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Seungyoon then said he believed he was the second-highest earner in the group due to his royalties and solo ventures.

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Jinwoo followed up, stating he believed he was fourth. He said, “Lee Seung Hoon buys a lot of things. I think that would make the biggest difference.” Jinwoo explained he doesn’t go out very much and so feels he would have saved the most.

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The idols then explained why, despite Mino making the most did, the group have a motto saying, “Seungyoon should pay?” Seungyoon explained, “Although Mino makes the most, he doesn’t always volunteer to pay for everyone.”

Jinwoo (left) Seungyoon (center left) Song Eun Yi (center right) and Kim Sook (right) on National Receipt | Wikitree

When asked, “Then why do you volunteer to pay for everyone?” the Seungyoon explained, “It isn’t that I volunteer but very early on, I made the most due to royalties, so I had to buy dinner a couple of times and it just kind of stuck.”

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Mino recently made headlines when he showed off the luxuries in his life. Viewers of I Live Alone were invited to see the idol’s homes he bought for himself and his parents.

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Viewers were also impressed to see Mino driving an Aston Martin DB11 worth $250,000.

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DB11 | Aston Martin
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