Korean Netizens Express Concern After Learning Of SM Entertainment’s New Boy Group “RIIZE”

Do they have a point?

Korean netizens shared their first thoughts about SM Entertainment‘s new boy group ahead of its members’ reveal.

SM Entertainment

On July 31, it was announced that SM Entertainment’s long-anticipated new boy group is called RIIZE.

SM Entertainment Introduces Their New Boy Group RIIZE

According to the label, the group’s name comes from “rise,” which stands for growth, and “realize,” which stands for a team that will grow together and realize their dreams.

On this day, SM Entertainment vowed big plans for the group.

RIIZE consists of seven of the greatest members who possess both skills and visuals.

We will make a new chapter in the history of the music industry based on the real-time odyssey that the members will showcase their individuality and their strengths combined to form one team.

— SM Entertainment

Korean netizen’s reacted to the group’s name. While some liked the name, others expressed concern over the name, which in Korean is spelled the same as Ryze, a popular character on League Of Legendsas well as “Rise,” the official theme song for the game’s tournament.

  • “RIIZE? When I hear that, all that comes to mind is the theme song for League Of Legends.”
  • “The name is pretty.”
  • “The name is alright. It is an average name for a boy group, LOL.”
  • “The name is passable. It’s pretty surprising that no other idol group used that name before.”
  • “The name is pretty wack.”
  • “The name is very average, but I think it would be hard to search them because it’s a word that exists.”
  • “The name’s meaning is good. NCT Dream’s name is also good for that reason. I’m sure their song is going to be fresh. I am looking forward to it, LOL.”
  • “It’s the first time I’m hearing the name, and I don’t think the name is weird or strange. I think it’s alright.”
  • “It only reminds me of Leage Of Legend’s ‘Rise’.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo